To truly understand any historical property, one must first understand its birthplace in time. It is with a clear sense of the social, cultural, economic and other roots from which a property grew that we can begin to grasp its present-day condition, status and needs. This knowledge then allows us to make the best, most appropriate, and most historically significant use of the property in the years to come.

Link to the Past
Blandair, The Past
Blandair is an exciting property in many ways, not the least of which relates to the many discoveries still to be made about the history of the home, its outbuildings, occupants, owners and the land itself.  Because Blandair has only recently come under the stewardship of Howard County, reclaiming its history from the past is a relatively new undertaking, one that is in process and yielding exciting findings even in its earliest stages.  From seemingly insignificant details - such as the ingredients in the mortar used between bricks - to the larger social and cultural details that make up the living history of a home - such as the courage an early owner showed in successfully facing down a slave ship, forcing its surrender and thus winning the freedom of the slaves - the past gives us a firm foundation on which to reclaim and rebuild a historical property, in both physical and cultural terms.  Thus, while much is known about Blandair, much also remains to be discovered.  Howard County not only recognizes the critical importance of this discovery process, but also is committed to its success as necessary to creating historical accuracy in the preservation and rehabilitation of Blandair.  Read more...

Link to the Present
Blandair, The Present
Following the discussion of Blandair's history, a description of the current land and improvements at Blandair provides context for the large scope and historical importance of this project.  In addition, condition reports and discussion detail the disrepair into which the manor house and outbuildings had fallen prior to acquisition of the property by Howard County.  Finally, details are provided about the extensive emergency repairs, rehabilitation and ongoing monitoring and interventions performed by Howard County in its relatively brief ownership of the property.  Read more...

Link to the Future
Blandair, The Future

The County has great plans for Blandair.  These plans initially included architectural preservation and rehabilitation of the manor house, followed by the outbuildings.  In some cases, the County will work in ongoing cooperative partnerships with other historical preservation organizations.  Plans also involve inventorying and researching surrounding past occupants and owners as well as the items, architectural and otherwise, associated with Blandair.  Read more...

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Past photo from Old Homes and Families of Howard County