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The 2013 Top Endangered Sites

Preservation Howard County has announced its 2013 list of the most endangered historic sites in the county, calling for residents, businesses, local officials, and county planners to work together to preserve the county’s irreplaceable historic treasures. We regret to say that all the properties of the 2012 list are still endangered. Thus, we have included them all on this year's list as well.

The complete list includes:

  • Brumbaugh House — The late 1800 Elkridge home of notable Dr. Brumbaugh is owned by the Elkridge Heritage Society which is continuing their extensive restoration. The Society is seeking memberships and donations to supplement their fundraising efforts to complete this restoration. For information, contact Dave Grabowski at 410-798-8112 or
  • Brumbaugh House

  • Belmont — This purchase of this significant historic property by Howard County is an encouraging development for Belmont’s future. It is under extensive restoration of its building by the Department of Recreation and Parks. Plans for the use of the property are being developed with the assistance of a community based advisory group. The result of a search for an organization to operate programs, sale of Dobin House, and State bond request have not been completed.
  • Rockburn Heritage Park — The restoration and addition of the Doyle Spring House and Barn buildings to Clover Hill, a late 1700's home, the Pfieffer Corner School House, and the McKenzie Bank Barn will provide an interpretive heritage park setting of buildings representing Howard County’s history.
  • Ellicott City Jail — This building in the heart of the city’s historic district offers great potential to be adapted for a public building or private business. The adaptive use of the Baltimore County abandoned jail in Towson as a café could serve as a model for adaptive use aa a tourist destination.
  • Thomas Viaduct — Community support is still needed to complete the plans of the Patapsco Heritage Greenway to restore safety railings, create a viewing area, and provide interpretive signage at this significant engineering construction. Information on the plans on fundraising can be made to President John Slater at 410-992-0001 or
  • Thomas Viaduct

  • Daisy General Store and Outpost — The pending sale of the property has the community concerned whether new ownership will result in the loss of this last crossroads community's historic building. It remains a reminder and symbol of what was this small community's commerce center and social center for dances and pot luck suppers.
  • Daisy Store

  • Highland Crossroads — The Greater Highland Crossroads Association (GHCA) is continuing its work with others in Western Howard County to create a plan that will protect and invigorate their historic crossroads community established in 1759. The Plan would encourage the revitalization of the village crossroads by promoting attractive, well-designed new residential development, by removing the potential for undesirable conditional uses from the zoning law, and by encouraging village crossroads to continue to provide goods and services to the local community as needed.
  • National Road — Unregulated development risks the historic integrity of this designated National Road Scenic Byway, which was built in the early 1800's as the first federally planned and funded highway in the country. Today this historic road, which started in Cumberland, Maryland, and connected the port of Baltimore with the Northwest Territories, is known in Howard County as Route 144. More information can be found by contacting the Maryland National Road Association at 410-489-9100 or
  • Daisy Schoolhouse — The Daisy One Room Schoolhouse, one of the few remaining in the county, is waiting to be reconstructed on the property of the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum in West Friendship. Fundraising efforts are under way and those wanting to help with this effort should call the museum at 410-489-2345 for information.

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If you have historical information about any of these sites or would like to volunteer your time to help save these sites, please e-mail PHC.

Nominations for the 2014 Endangered List
Do you know of a historic site that is endangered by development or neglect? If so, please nominate that site for the 2014 Top Endangered list by e-mailing PHC.