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PHC Grant Application
Preservation Howard County is pleased to be able to award a few small grants to organizations whose mission is to preserve or maintain historic structures in Howard County, Maryland. A typical grant might fall into the $500 to $1,000 range. To apply for funds, please follow these instructions:
  1. Complete the application form and budget information. Provide as much information as you wish, but only include information related to the project for which you are requesting funds.
  2. After the grant is approved, the grantee will receive a letter of agreement from PHC. This agreement asks the grantee to promise that the money will be used as stated in the application, and that any unused funds will be returned to PHC.
  3. When PHC receives the signed agreement, a check will be issued.
  4. Projects must be completed within one year of the receipt of funds.
  5. Upon completion of the project, or one year from reciept of the grant, whichever occurs first, the grantee will submit a final report on the project, including the actual expenses and income.
To apply for a grant, complete the application online or download the application as a Microsoft Word document file (.doc) and print it. Printed applications should be sent to the following address:
Preservation Howard County
P.O. Box 406
Simpsonville, MD 21150

Any questions regarding this application or PHC grants should be directed to Fred Dorsey,